The Broken Record - Mayors Blame Guns

By Larry Keane. July 10th, 2020

Big city mayors must have a standard checklist in the back of their press briefing binders. That page would have one entry that would read:

"When your failed policies create chaos, blame guns."

It would sound ridiculous, but that is what is happening. Crime is skyrocketing in New York City, Chicago, Atlanta and Seattle. Those aren't the only cities, but a crime storm is brewing.

City leaders are engaging in a blame game rather than accountability when the consequences of failed policies wreak havoc in their communities. Their bogeyman is a gun. Laying the blame at the feet of the criminals committing the crimes would be problematic because it would call into question a series of poor decisions that left citizens vulnerable and forfeited their streets to criminals.

Blame the Guns

Blaming guns has become almost a knee-jerk reaction. The accusation is lobbed at the inanimate object enough that it would seem to be losing luster if it were not for an adoring and unquestioning media. .....

As usual when crime increases there is the predictable even louder bleating about guns, as if increased crime figures have anything to do with responsible gun owners.
"These problems are not an issue of lawful gun ownership. These are crimes. People lawfully buying firearms today are overwhelmingly saying they are concerned for their personal safety. Those concerns began when mayors and governors began releasing criminals back into the community at the onset of the coronavirus."


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