For Want of a Nail

By L. Neil Smith. July 14, 2020

If it seems like I'm angry, it's only because I am. Unless you've been living under the same rotting log inhabited by the slimy, multilegged leadership of the Democrat Party, you know that a St. Louis couple's legally-owned AR-15 rifle was stolen by the police after the couple's lives and property were more than credibly threatened by a howling Bolshevik Lives Matter mob, and they displayed their personal weapons to discourage such behavior.

Weeks of rioting, looting, pillaging, arson, murder, and rape by communist-animated agitators across the country, masquerading (and misrepresented by the Marxist media) as "peaceful protestors", had made the couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, fearful, as had thuggish shouts in their faces that they were going to be killed, their dog was going to be killed, and the house they had spent 30 years rebuilding was going to be burned to the ground.

The one and only thing that makes America exceptional -- a beacon of libery and prosperity to the downtrodden and poverty-stricken masses of the world -- is its Constitution. Naturally, America's enemies want to destroy the Constitution. Billionaire George Soros' pet (the repulsive, entry-level Nazi paid for 70 percent of her election campaign) St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, who let rioters off. but is trying to punish these innocent homeowners, must be subject to the law, herself. .....

Neil Smith makes some very pertinent comments with regard to the St. Louis McCloskey's totally justified presentation of arms when under severe threat. Their options were obvious and total opposites - either risk being attacked and their house set on fire or, stand firm and demonstrate a means of self defense against potential aggression. Anyone's G-d given right.


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