College Student Disciplined
Over Photo With Rifle

By Cam Edwards. July 17, 2020

A Fordham University student says he's being forced to undergo "political re-education" after running afoul of campus administrators after posting a picture of himself holding a rifle and referencing the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Andrew Tong tells the Epoch Times that officials at Fordham declared that he had violated the university's regulations "relating to bias/and or hate crimes" as well as the school's policy against "threats/intimidation" with two social media posts.

The first post was simply a picture of retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn, who was murdered during riots in St. Louis a few weeks ago. Beneath Dorn's picture, Tong simply wrote "Y'all a bunch of hypocrites." In the second post, Tong posed with a rifle, captioning the picture "Don't tread on me #198964" with emojis of the U.S. and Chinese flags.

Tong says that was a reference to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, which took place June 4th, 1989. As the son of Chinese immigrants, you can imagine that Tong might have some strong opinions about the massacre of students and pro-democracy demonstrators at the hands of the Communist government, but I don't see anything threatening at all in his Instagram post.

According to the college student, however, the complaints about his picture began almost immediately after it was posted to the social media site. .....

Here is another example of ridiculous 'zero tolerence' when it comes to educational establishments and guns. Over time there have been numerous instances of this, even including absurd things such as displaying an "assault pencil", kids punished for imaginary guns, and even cases where a gun hand gesture or a drawn stick man with a gun resulted in various repercussions. This is a far cry from the days when a kid could even take his .22 rifle to school.


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