Below The Radar: Background
Check Completion Act of 2020

By Harold Hutchison. July 27, 2020

Sometimes, Second Amendment supporters do not need a lengthy discourse to show their fellow gun owners just how unreasonable anti-Second Amendment extremists are. Sometimes, it takes less than a half-dozen pieces of paper. Sound crazy? No, it isn't.

Here's how you can do it. First, you just need to print out the GPO's official version of S 4068, the Background Check Completion Act of 2020, introduced by Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has long had a record of attacking our Second Amendment rights. That takes two pages. Then you can print out the text of 18 USC 922(t), which covers the National Instant Check System (NICS). That takes three pages for just that section (all of 18 USC 922 runs about 28 pages).

With those five pieces of paper, you can prove that anti-Second Amendment extremists are lying when they say they claim to support the Second Amendment, but just want "reasonable" restrictions. Reading the text of S 4068, it makes a small deletion but causes a massive shift for those who are trying to exercise their rights. .....

We hear all too often that magic word "reasonable" when it comes to proposals for increased deprivation of rights. Unfortunately the word is so broad and dangerous in its meanings as to effectively give free reign to just about any scheme that purports to still honor the 2A, while actually further eroding rights.


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