De Blasio and Shea target
"Gun Violence" as NYC Crime Skyrockets

Cropped Youtube video screenshot, FDRV, 30 May, 2020

By Dean Weingarten. July 28, 2020
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In response to a skyrocketing violent crime rate in New York City, Mayor de Blasio and Police Commissioner Shea have proposed a package of responses. One of those is to institute more gun "buy backs". Here is some background leading up to this proposal.

In 2020, New York City has instituted controversial reforms in their criminal justice system. One of the changes is the elimination of cash bail for most "non-violent" criminal offenses. The law also released information on witnesses before trial. Most Democrat politicians were for the law, which was touted as a way to treat poor people more equitably.

Disorder and illegitimate violence in the city has significantly increased with the riots/protests and a mixed response by Mayor de Blasio. The Mayor and others have blamed the "catch and release" bail system.

Bail is supposed to guarantee the defendant will show up for court appearances. In much of the country, it is used as punishment by process, where politically incorrect defendants sometimes sit in jail for months or even years at a time. From ... .....

The mayor and Shea's answer to increased crime? Refer to "gun violence" and plan for "gun buy-backs"!
"Both "gun violence" and gun "buy backs" are Orwellian terms designed to mislead. Guns don't commit violence. Violence is neutral, like gravity. You cannot "buy back" a gun you never owned in the first place."


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