'Gun-Control' Fails Again,
same lie, different day

By Rob Morse. August 5, 2020
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The propaganda of ‘Gun-Control’ just got harder. Millions of honest citizens in the USA saw pictures of our inner cities in flames. They heard rioters say they wanted to spread that violence across the country. We read stories of the police being ambushed and killed while Democrat politicians called to defund the police. Millions of us went out and bought a gun for the first time. That makes it harder than ever to sell the fantasy of ‘Gun-Control’.

‘Gun-Control’ is a fantasy-
‘Gun-Control’ sells the utopian idea that we can stop criminal behavior by taking tools from law abiding citizens. We’ve passed 23 thousand firearms regulations in the USA so far. With each outrageous crime that is splashed across the news media, we’re told that the next gun regulation will finally make criminals obey the law. We’ve never seen ‘Gun-Control’ work before, but this next law is sure to be different.

As you can imagine, that rationale gets harder to sell.

‘Gun-Control’ takes power from honest citizens and gives it to politicians-
That utopian ideal of ‘Gun-Control’ is only the frosting on the cake. What lies beneath is equally important. In the United States, ‘Gun-Control’ significantly infringes the right for honest people to bear arms. .....

"The 'Gun-Control' propagandists ignore how criminals get their guns. Organizations that move billions of dollars worth of drugs, millions of illegal immigrants, and thousand of victims of human trafficking can move a few pounds of steel, brass, and lead with ease. Instead, the 'Gun-Control' advocates blame you."


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