In Praise of an
Uncompromising Bastard (Revisited)

By Claire Wolfe, August 23rd 2014
JPFO writer contributor, © 2014.

Aaron Zelman, JPFO's late, great founder, was a man of uncompromising principles. He wouldn't have yielded a millimeter on some things. If you'd have held him upside down and threatened to drop him over the rim of the Grand Canyon unless he repudiated pure, hardcore gun rights, he'd have probably said, "Go ahead. Do it."

And then, if you did, he'd have found a way to land safely on his feet. He was that kind of guy.

On the other hand, Aaron was a very reasonable human being. If you could make a good argument for something, he could change his mind faster than a Lamborghini goes from zero to 60.

Example: Back when he and I used to write together, he called me up one day and said, "I want to do an article in favor of X." He didn't really say "X," of course. He named an issue, not obviously related to guns, that was in big favor with certain conservatives and libertarians at that moment. The specific issue isn't important.

But as it happened, I knew quite a bit about it and I protested, "Oh, Aaron, I won't do that."

"Why not?"

"Well because X is really a terrible idea for reasons A, B, and C. And have you considered the impact it's going to have on Q, R, and S?"

He listened to me. Thought a moment. Then he said, "Then let's do an article against X." .....

Many do not know or may have forgotten, that the founder of JPFO was the late Aaron Zelman - a true stalwart in the fight against 'gun control' and abuses of the Constitution. Claire Wolfe, a one time writer for JPFO, wrote a definitive piece about Aaron and his courageous beliefs.
"There are no more like Aaron Zelman, a man who knew how to ferret out the truth and stick to it with all the passion of his life."


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