Project ChildSafe Yields 55%
Reduction in Child Gun Fatalities

By Larry Keane. August 11, 2020

Project ChildSafe, an NSSF program, is the leader in promoting safe firearm handling and storage. The program's efforts are making a difference. Not only are unintentional firearm fatalities at an all-time low, but a new Justice Department report reveals a decrease in unauthorized access to guns by youths.

The accomplishments of the firearm industry initiative are impressive and substantial. Most notably in 2019, Project ChildSafe wrapped up a 30-month initiative funded by the U.S. Department of Justice-Bureau of Justice Assistance. According to Project ChildSafe 2019 Annual Review, this initiative's purpose was "to launch and sustain three community-wide firearm safety initiatives in Oklahoma City, Memphis and Cleveland and provide additional firearm safety kits and educational resources to communities nationwide to better foster a culture of safety."

Real Solutions
The numbers speak for themselves with the level of effort and success, boasting an impressive 497,301 total locks distributed, 25.8 million social media impressions, and 240 new law enforcement partners recruited. Project ChildSafe helped educate residents of these communities on safe storage to prevent access to firearms from getting into the wrong hands, ultimately saving lives and creating a safer community.

The safe handling and safe storage initiatives that Project ChildSafe leads are becoming even more important with the increase of new gun owners. .....

Considering how often anti-gun groups slam gun owners for poor safety with resulting calls for (even) more 'gun control', this is a definite move in the right direction. It still remains however that education on firearms, particularly with juveniles, is woefully lacking - particularly with educational establishments that seek to pillory anything concerning guns. As the saying goes "knowledge is power" and when it comes to safety this is ever more important, for all ages.


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