An Interview Regarding The
Second Amendment (Video)

By Leaflet-USA. August 3, 2020. (36 Mins)
Video Source

Nigel Broadbent interviews Kim Stolfer - President of Firearms Owners Against Crime.

Many important issues are discussed, including:

• The trend to punish the responsible gun owner for the misdeeds of others.
• Educating legislators.
• Understanding the Second Amendment.
• Moms Demand Action, Everytown for Gun Safety etc and 2A attacks.
• UK gun confiscation (UK gun ownership was a privilege and not a right).
• Guns save lives.
• The media, 'assault' weapons, racism and 'white supremacy'.
• Challenging the media - local radio and newspapers.
• Preemption.

The fight to safeguard the Second Amendment grows ever more vital, bearing in mind some of the egregious threats openly spoken during the run-up to an election.


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