Self-Defense Case and Need
For "Large Capacity" Magazines

By Cam Edwards. August 17, 2020

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to make it a federal crime to own an ammunition magazine that can hold more than ten rounds, but a self-defense story out of Cullman County, Alabama is a perfect example of why the government shouldn't be imposing arbitrary limits on your ability to protect yourself.

According to Cullman County Sheriff Matt Gentry, a homeowner in the county was forced to defend his life after four men broke into his home early Monday morning.

The suspects were met by the owners who were armed. When they tried to leave, the suspects were followed by one of the homeowners and shots were fired. One suspect was hit and is being treated at a hospital.
Three suspects have been detained, counting the suspect in the hospital, and one suspect got away in their vehicle.

We don't know how many of the suspects were armed, but at least one of them had a gun and exchanged fire with the homeowner, according to Sheriff Gentry, who praised the armed citizen for being able to defend themselves .....

"Constitutionally speaking, a magazine ban is a clear infringement on the right to keep and bear arms by forbidding the possession of something that's in common use (as Judge Lee noted in his decision in Duncan v. Becerra, more than half of all ammunition magazines in the country have a capacity greater than ten rounds) for lawful purposes."


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