Believable Poll -
You Must Protect Yourself

By Rob Morse. August 19, 2020
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Pollsters call me and ask me leading questions. More than ever, I refuse to answer. I leave them guessing because this is an election year. I don’t want to be targeted by political advertisements from now until the election. In contrast, there is a massive public poll that I do believe. This poll takes hours to answer and the participants actually have to pay to register their vote. The results of that poll are fascinating as millions of us chose to buy a gun for the first time.

We saw BLM destroy businesses and people’s homes. Millions of us decided we don’t feel safe and that the police won’t be there to protect us. We couldn’t protect our family at home nor protect our colleagues at work. We recognized that we are our own first responder and we decided to buy a firearm for self defense.

Poll question- Can the government protect you at home or at work? .....

First time gun sales have been off the charts of late but it is essential that new owners take time to find at least some degree of training. Familiarity with a specific weapon is important, knowledge of and implementation of gun safety is vital, and understanding of legal issues is also very necessary. Actual hands-on practice is highly desirable, if some tutoring can be found.


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