More Gun Sales Don't
Mean a Bigger Gun Vote

By Kat Ainsworth. Aug 24, 2020

We all know about the enormous spike in gun sales. Thanks to COVID-19 worries, violent protests, and hysteria in general people are buying guns and all related stuff at record highs. A lot of those purchases are being made by newbies to firearm ownership including people who were pretty anti-gun before.

There are some who think this means we'll have a far greater turnout for pro-gun voting in November. More gun sales mean a pro-2A White House, right? Wrong.

David Yamane, who is a sociologist, a pretty cool guy and a dedicated shooter, has had a few things to say about trends in sales and how they relate to voting.

He told Michael Bloomberg's The Trace this:

"People within the gun culture are very excited about these new gun owners and are hoping to bring these people into the fold politically," said David Yamane, a sociologist at Wake Forest University, "but I think that's going to be more easily said than done." .....

Predictably the assumption has been made that the huge increase in first-time firearm sales might swing many more people to vote pro-gun. This article warns that it may be a false assumption. We should well stay aware of the anti-rights individuals who despite quietly buying their own firearm are still for various forms of 'gun control', all the while their hypocrisy being aimed at helping to persecute others.


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