Another Anti-Gun Myth
Destroyed By Reality

By Cam Edwards. August 31, 2020

Back in 2013, the Kansas state legislature approved a campus carry bill that would allow legal concealed carry holders to lawfully carry on college campuses across the state, but delayed enactment of the law until 2017. In the weeks before the new campus carry law kicked in, anti-gun activists and academics warned that scenes from the Wild West would soon be playing out as drunken frat boys engaged in shootouts, disgruntled students would pull guns on their professors, and accidental shootings would become a new regular feature in the student union.

Some professors even retired or relocated rather than teach on a campus where firearms might be present, like these educators at Kansas State.

Philip Nel, a distinguished professor in English, said he is taking a leave of absence during the fall semester. During the leave, he will look for a new job or fellowships, he said.
"I'm still looking for another job and applying for fellowships because I would like to continue to do my job, but in a place where I'm allowed to do my job, rather than in a place that is weaponized and unsafe," he said ...... .....

Almost every time proposals have been put forward regarding campus carry or school carry, they have been met with the usual bleatings by the anti-gun groups about the risks of firearm armagedon and associated paranoia with the mere presence of guns. It is refreshing to plainly see that fears were apparently misplaced with the Kansas carry law, although that will hardly change minds with the detractors.


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