'Gun Control' Activists Try To
Spin Record High Gun Sales

By Cam Edwards. September 2, 2020

Since March, we've seen a new monthly record for NICS checks set every four weeks or so, and on Monday, when the FBI released its background check numbers for August, the trend continued. The 3.1 million checks performed by the FBI in August was down from July's total of 3.6 million, but still set a new record for the month.

If you're a 'gun control' activist, how on earth do you spin these numbers? The National Shooting Sports Foundation estimates that more than 5-million Americans have become gun owners this year, demand is sky high, and there are also hundreds of thousands of Americans who'd like to join in the gun-buying frenzy but can't because of long delays with gun licensing in several anti-gun states.

Everytown for Gun Safety tried their best to put a doom-and-gloom spin on the background check numbers, claiming that the polls are still on their side.

"With protestors being shot in the streets and gun violence on the rise, more guns is not the recipe for public safety," said Nick Suplina, managing director of law and policy at Everytown for Gun Safety. ...... .....

"Common sense gun safety laws" is the Everytown mantra, which is little more than a predictable 'gun control' ploy. They may be pleased that despite record sales there are still supposedly many new gun owners who support more gun laws. This is probably due to those who, despite buying a handgun, still have the anti-rights view that firearms such as 'black rifles' should not be civilian owned - any support of the 2A being egregiously selective.


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