NJ Magazine Limit Upheld, Again

By Richard Cowen. Sept 6, 2020

For a second time, a federal appeals court has shot down a New Jersey gun club's attempt to have the state's ban on large-capacity magazines declared unconstitutional.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit again upheld a 2018 New Jersey law that banned magazines with 10 rounds or more of ammunition. The appellate panel agreed with the District Court ruling that the ban was a "reasonable" gun regulation enacted in response to mass shootings, and did not violate the citizen's right to bear arms as guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

In a ruling handed down this week, the appeals court agreed with the earlier decision by U.S. District Judge Peter G. Sheridan that the law "does not prohibit the possession of the quintessential self-defense weapon, the handgun," nor does it "effectively disarm individuals or substantially affect their ability to defend" themselves. All it does is lower the number of bullets in the magazine, the court said. .....

It seems once again, anti Second Amendment New Jersey cannot catch a break. We hear, and not for the the first time, the use of that 'catch all' word "reasonable" applied within the court's decision on magazine capacity regulation - this keeps huge numbers of mags essentially illegal, unless perhaps owners only have a 1911. This won't of course affect criminals, just the good guys.


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