Underscoring Second
Amendment's True Purpose

By Amy Swearer. September 10, 2020

In announcing the launch of "Sportsmen and Sportswomen for Biden," the former vice president's campaign demonstrated earlier this month how many gun control advocates misconstrue the purpose of the Second Amendment.

The coalition of "50 prominent hunters and anglers" stated that Joe Biden would "protect the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans to purchase and responsibly use firearms for hunting and sporting."

Unfortunately for gun control advocates, the Second Amendment is not, and never has been, concerned with the protection of hunting or sport shooting. It is concerned with the protection of something much more fundamental to American democracy—maintaining the "security of a free state."

An armed citizenry is the best and most natural defense against threats to individual rights, whether those threats stem from a tyrannical government, a foreign army, an anarchic mob, or an individual criminal.

And although the threat from a tyrannical government or foreign army may appear remote or far-fetched, the threats from anarchic mobs and individual criminals are very common. .....

The Second Amendment's content has been regularly shredded by anti-freedom groups in order to try and sabotage it's true purpose. An inalienable right has nothing to do with restrictions and "reasonable" limitations - it stands alone as a law of the land, but still remains under constant attack.


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