New Gun Owners, and Their Choices

By Elizabeth McGuigan. September 24, 2020

A recent survey in Texas suggested that new gun owners are more likely to support former Vice President Joe Biden than President Donald Trump in this year's election. There is little evidence to support this, particularly as polls have been so widely off the mark when it comes to support for President Trump and when it comes to gun ownership in general. In both instances, individuals may be more reluctant to share their political support or gun ownership status with strangers on the phone, due at least in part to a desire for privacy and a fear of the kind of shaming that is all too common in our society.

But let's say this were true: that new gun owners, a large share of whom are women or minorities, are more likely to vote for Biden in November. Despite taking the step to exercise their Second Amendment rights and legally purchase a firearm, these individuals may be making their voting decisions based on a whole host of other policy issues. Protecting their newly-secured firearm and the freedom that allowed them to purchase it may not be something they have considered.

That is a mistake. Many new gun owners were surprised at just how difficult it is to purchase a firearm in their state. .....

"Under "President Biden," these existing laws and regulations would be multiplied and expanded in an attempt to squeeze the right to bear arms out of existence."
(Note - JPFO's details of just what is possible for your guns - information many first time owners may well not be at all aware of, but most certainly should be.)


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