Newsom Signs Microstamping Bill

By George Devinny. October 2, 2020

Once again, microstamping rears its ugly head. This time it is CA Gov. Gavin Newsom who has signed into law Assembly Bill 2847, which will further mandate that newer model semi-auto handguns be stamped, and is set to become law July 1, 2022. This subject has been discussed numerous times and remains in essence yet another continued 'gun control' ploy, along with such other things as keeping firearms locked up and unloaded, mandated use of trigger locks, magazine size limits, and background checks for ammunition purchases - to name just a few. From California Globe:

Gun manufacturers and firearm advocates denounced the decision, noting that it not only violates Second Amendment rights and would increase black market activity and and non-registered weapons in the state, but would also hurt economically during a time of economic downturn.

Since original microstamping requirements in 2013, which had to meet a list of safety requirements by the state Department of Justice to be sold to consumers, Smith & Wesson among other manufacturers such as Sturm Ruger, planned to cease sales to California. This effectively even then greatly limited the availability of new handguns and has effectively made for a virtual ban on modern handguns, resulting in guns being possibly obtained out of state or simply through various 'back door' sources. .....

"However you slice it, this is a poorly conceived law which mandates the unproven and unreliable concept of microstamping, and makes it impossible for Californians to have access to the best products with the latest innovations, as well as having options reduced for the innate right of self defense."


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