Black Robes Matter..
and the 2020 Election

By Rob Morse. November 3, 2020

Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed as people are getting ready to vote. Democrats called Judge Barrett professionally unqualified, an extremist, and corrupt. The personal attacks on Judge Barrett's character and family were cutting. Let me translate those criticisms for you. They mean she isn't a progressive judge who will legislate from the bench.

Calling Judge Barrett names may motivate the Socialist base of the Democrat party, but it may also alienate independents who are picking their candidates. Just for fun, remember that Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claim to be practicing Catholics, just like Associate Judge Barrett. The news forgot to mention that.

Democrats already claimed that the rules of the Senate were violated during this confirmation. They forgot to mention that Democrat Harry Reid, as the former majority leader of the senate, established those rules. Democrats tried to deny Judge Barrett a seat on the court the same way they did to Judge Robert Bork, Judge Thomas, and Judge Kavanaugh. Judges matter more now than ever.

Public violence has increased these last few months, and we don't know when or where that violence might find us. Millions of us decided to get a firearm and to learn to use it. A strict reading of the law is important for gun owners; for Republican gun owners, for Independent gun owners, and for Democrat gun owners.

Time is critically important, and how we act when we have minutes to respond is very different than how we can act when we have seconds or less. We call the police when we have time, whereas we undertake self-defense while we have no time for escape. ....

Well, we await a final result with probably a long wait. How we deal with things if it goes to the left is a matter of partial conjecture mixed with seemingly some certainty - there is much to be considered as the Second Amendment braces for possible further attack.


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