Removing the Gun 'Control' Agenda from
EVERY Major American Political Party

By Rob Pincus. November 12, 2020

There are massive cries within the gun community to ostracize gun owners who have voted for Biden... or, more accurately, gun owners who haven't overtly supported President Trump in the last election. The most offensive posts suggest that those gun owners are traitors to the cause of gun rights. I was told by someone last week that they can't be expected to tolerate gun owners who "have signed on to force [him] to abdicate [his] rights or face prison." I don't think that is the train of thought of a gun owner who votes for a Democratic Candidate. If you are reading this article at AmmoLand News or if you follow my social media, I have to assume that you are "Pro-Gun".

If you're not, we welcome you and invite you to still read the article, but I'm really not writing to you today... but you may find it interesting, none the less.

We're Pro Gun. Our primary voting issue maybe gun rights. We might advocate for gun rights and lobby for changes in laws that increase gun freedom. We might think that all gun control is unconstitutional and every gun restriction is an infringement. We might spend countless hours every year voluntarily working for the cause of gun rights. You might even consider yourself a one-issue-voter (I'm not). We aren't like every gun owner. That's okay. Every gun owner isn't going to vote for the same person, that's okay too. ....

"Gun rights aren't part of one team's identity politics, they are a human rights issue that transcends party. Honestly, they are a freedom issue... and it can be argued that both parties fight for different freedoms. Gun Rights should be a freedom that we all agree on. The stats say that gun ownership is much larger than "conservatives" or "Republican voters"... so, what's stopping gun owners on the left from speaking up?"


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