U.S. Ammo Market, Production Status?

By Dean Weingarten. November 30, 2020

For the second time in a decade, demand for ammunition has outstripped supply in the United States. The first ammunition bubble was from 2012 to 2017. The next started in 2020.

Ammunition manufacturers have increased their capacity. In the face of increased demand, it has not been enough. Ammunition plants are running 24/7 to make profits while demand is high. Shortages still exist in the United States. Common calibers have disappeared from store shelves. Prices have risen. Panic buying and purchasing for private stockpiles has increased.

Those who purchased a stockpile in the interval between ammunition bubbles from 2017 to 2020, are considered wise and foresighted. At one point in October of 2018, .22 rimfire ammunition was available at 2.5 cents per round.

How much ammunition is being produced and purchased in the United States market? ....

There is little doubt that supplies are once again not meeting demand, and some of this may be attributed to the large numbers of first time firearm buyers. As a result purchases are being limited in many cases to one box per caliber, and predictably prices become inflated. Remember when a box of 9mm White Box 100 rnd could be bought for less than $10 - now possibly nearly treble. A case of Wolf 7.62x39 years ago at a gun show could be had for $80 - currently seems to be around $400!


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