Celebrate Bill of Rights Day

From JPFO. December 15, 2020

Do you celebrate America's civil holidays? Do you cherish your rights and freedoms as an American? If so, then you will want a special day to remember the foundation for all of them: Bill of Rights Day. Here's why:

1. The Bill of Rights is a major part of the "American way of life." America's civic holidays -- the Birthdays of Washington, Lincoln, and King, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day -- all remind us of the special contributions and sacrifices made by our forefathers and leaders to preserve, protect, and extend our freedoms. Each of these civic holidays exists because someone cared enough to fight and die for our rights -- the rights contained in the Bill of Rights.

2. The Bill of Rights energizes our military defense. American service men and women swear and oath to preserve and defend the Bill of Rights . . . it is part of the Constitution. When American military people fight and die for our country, they do so to protect our rights and freedoms under the Bill of Rights.

3. The Bill of rights might otherwise be forgotten. Many or most Americans do not know their Bill of Rights. A special day would encourage even the government schools to teach about it for at least one day per year.

4. Bill of Rights Day would declare America’s commitment to fundamental human rights to the whole world. ....

Once again, it is December 15 - Bill of Rights Day. Now more than ever, with the unstable situation the country is in, it is vital that we not only celebrate the Bill of Rights but make sure that it is kept front and center. Remind your congress representatives that they must fight to protect it and the entire constitution - as many seek, despite their Oath of Office, to convert this Constitutional Republic to something totally unrecognizable


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