Cataclysmic Confrontation On The Horizon:
Federal Government vs. We The People

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By Roger Katz. Jan 24, 2022

Once again, the Deep State is resorting to the seditious legacy Press as their Sounding Board to sway public opinion to their rancid cause. And this Neo-Marxist and Neoliberal Globalist captured Press is, true to form, falling back on the usual dreary, boring rhetoric of racism to chastise and cajole anyone who fails to support the passage of their ridiculous measures.

See two Fox news articles just posted, January 18, 2022. One Fox news article is titled "Liberal media use Martin Luther King Jr. day to push election Legislation, claim 'voting rights under assault,'" and the other Fox news article is titled, "Schumer tells Democrats too reluctant to nuke filibuster: "We are all going to go on the record.'"

These Deep State Globalists are intent on maintaining a stranglehold on the Nation, insistent on the usurpation of the sovereignty of the citizenry to maintain indefinite and absolute control over the Federal Government, over the Nation's institutions, and over the Nation's people.

And this unlawful usurpation of the citizenry's sovereignty by a rogue, treasonous, tyrannical Federal Government and a duplicitous Congress is too painfully evident to be reasonably denied. To enshrine a successful Counterrevolution in perpetuity, these plotters need to have absolute control over the electoral system. And their blueprint for that was laid out in the takeover of the 2020 General Election, which saw a quiet coup of Government. And these conspirators are hell-bent on keeping the lid on that, censoring, ridiculing, and strong-arming any American who insists on questioning the legitimacy of the election that took place—that resulted in the ousting of Donald Trump, and the seating of the corrupt, senile dimwit and subservient toady of the Neo-Marxists/Neoliberal Globalists, Joe Biden, into the U.S. Presidential suite.

The American people need to remember and constantly remind themselves that, despite the coup d'état of the Federal Government, through the wide-ranging, unlawful scheming and fraud of the 2020 General Election, the American people still wield, by right, ultimate and sole sovereignty over Government. But it is not succored for them, as they can see. They must assert it.

And there must eventually be an accounting, and there will be an accounting, after the 2022 Midterm elections. And the American people are holding fast to and must continue to hold fast to their firearms.

Many other Americans, who, in their dim memory, recall the sacred right of the people to keep and bear arms, are purchasing firearms and ammunition for the first time, recognizing a free Constitutional Republic is rapidly falling from their grasp. And they are prepared to assert their lawful power over the Government. .....

An important point made in this lengthy opinion piece is - "They want the Patriots to start the fight, so they can point and say we caused the civil war, DON'T give them the ground. Hold the line! No Violence."


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