Government Prefers its Citizens
Unarmed & Defenseless

Opinion by Alan J. Chwick & Joanne D. Eisen. Mar 22, 2022

The problem with freedom is that it requires constant guarding. If we practice Freedom with abandon and freely choose pleasant comfortable activities other than guarding freedom, it can easily be taken away from us as we watch.

If we lower our guard and trust people who swear to protect our Constitution, who also like to be in charge, we are being very foolish and our children will not know freedom in the future. If we cannot or will not govern ourselves, someone else will be very happy to do it for us.

That's what's happening here in America, right before our eyes. Our country is filled with would-be tyrants who are filled with hate for us and our country because we are making it tough for them to rule. We may be able to keep them in check, but they have wormed their way into the fabric of our government, courts, and education systems. There is no room for compromise with them, as the word 'compromise' is a dirty word to tyrants.

If we lose this battle, the new sovereign will teach us all about obedience. The sovereign will not care about us or our families. We will become guilty of disloyalty at the discretion of the sovereign, and we will be their enemy to be casually removed from their society.

We are giving away our First Amendment too easily because of fear of their retaliation, and so our Second Amendment is more important than ever before. Whatever fear citizens have of civilian possession of weapons, of accidents, or of maniacs, it's time to chuck those fears out. An excellent new article by Dave Kopel, about to be published (you can get a sneak peek here) [...] .....

Kopel makes the point in "Guns Kill People, and Tyrants with Gun Monopolies Kill the Most" - 'Gun regulation and lists of gun owners don't control crime, but they do control legal gun owners.' - a truism if there ever was one!


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