Gun Facts 101: Arming The
People Makes A Secure Nation
The United States hasn't faced a full-scale invasion
by a foreign power since the War of 1812

By James Fite. April 24, 2022

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The right to keep and bear arms is probably the most contested – and, sadly, the most successfully infringed – of the various guaranteed liberties explicitly named in the Bill of Rights. But as many have said these last couple of months, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine shows the value and merit of our Second Amendment. One of the things the Founders took into consideration was that arming the people makes for a secure nation.

Not so sure that’s true? Despite two world wars, nine other officially declared wars and myriad military “conflicts” on foreign soil, the Cold War, and some terrorist attacks here and there over the many decades since, the United States has not faced a full-scale invasion by a foreign power since the War of 1812 – which we won. Yes, geography, America’s military might, and international politics play a large part in that. But none of those considerations – especially not America’s then-unformidable “military might” – stopped the British from attempting to reconquer this land twice, only to fail both times.

A Walk In Ukraine’s Shoes

But let us put ourselves in the shoes of the Ukrainian people for a moment. What would happen if we didn’t have two vast oceans or Earth’s most powerful navy at our command separating us from Europe and Asia? What if we didn’t have the third-largest army by active-duty troops in the world? The latest from Reuters has the total death toll of the Russia-Ukraine war at no fewer than 46,000. Another 12,000 have been injured but not killed, 400 or more are missing, and a whopping 13 million Ukrainians have been displaced.

As Liberty Nation previously reported, Ukrainian citizens enjoyed no right to self-defense before the invasion: .....


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