Illegal Firearms: How
Criminals Get Their Guns
Are Democrats really focused on keeping
firearms out of the hands of criminals?

By Jeff Charles. April 26, 2022

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Gun violence is back in the spotlight with skyrocketing crime rates and a sharp increase in the number of Americans purchasing firearms. While most familiar with the topic know that few of these armed criminals acquired their weapons legally, the media often skips over that point. Even when it is mentioned, little attention is given to the process criminals follow to become armed.

With Joe Biden taking steps toward using executive power to further curb gun ownership and a major Second Amendment case now before the Supreme Court, the debate over gun violence and restrictions will only get hotter, but are Democrats really focused on keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals – or just everyone else?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) conducted a survey in 2019 of inmates convicted of gun crimes. It found that 43% of criminals purchased their firearms on the black market, 6% stole them, and 10% bought weapons at a retail establishment. The criminal had another person buy the firearm for them in 11% of cases – a process known as the straw purchase – and about 15% received their weapons from a friend or relative. .....

The usual and popular "we must control 'gun violence'" cry is heard as always - not however to specifically and properly deal with criminal guns, but instead being aimed at measures which affect all gun owners - penalize all for the sins of the few.


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