Admin's Complicit Media to Target
First and Second Amendments

By Lee Williams. May 4, 2022

Journalists were once champions of Free Speech. Some even went to jail for the beliefs. Nowadays, they are openly calling for increased government censorship and regurgitating anything else the Biden-Harris administration desires.

The Fourth Estate has muzzled itself and abrogated its once powerful government watchdog role, which even critics said was vital to the functioning of our democracy. Today’s media has become a willing participant in its own demise – an accessory after the fact, so to speak – not because of a Supreme Court loss, another shift in technology or for any other reason. To be clear, the media abandoned it ethics, its readers and its legacy for the dirtiest of rationales: Politics.

Legacy journalists flocked to join Team Biden solely because orange man bad, and once aboard, there was no going back. Now, they’re committed to parroting Joe and Kamala’s propaganda no matter how harmful or ridiculous it becomes. And friends, it’s become pretty ridiculous and very harmful to our individual liberties, our personal freedoms and to the very survival of our Great Republic itself.

Case in point – the disinformation scam.

Government has always wanted the power to tell people what to believe. Now they have it, in the form of the Disinformation Governance Board, AKA the Ministry of Truth, which was shoehorned into the powerful Department of Homeland Security. It happened almost overnight with neither a public vote nor a disparaging word from the aforementioned media lapdogs. Rather than pushing back or even asking questions, our media marvels actually supported the creation of American Thought Police. .....


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