Rifle Attack Foiled
by Legally Armed Woman

By George Devinny. May 30, 2022

Following the two major multiple murders in recent times (Buffalo and Uvalde), there are predictably the renewed calls for "do something" regarding 'gun control'. While these episodes are beyond doubt tragic in the extreme, the blame should be placed squarely on the deranged young murderers and not as usual on 'the gun'. The media is complicit in rarely if ever reporting on examples of life saving defensive use of a firearm.
From APNews.com:

A woman in West Virginia fatally shot a man who began firing an AR-15-style rifle into a crowd of people that had gathered for a party, authorities said.

Dennis Butler, 37, was killed Wednesday night after he pulled out the rifle and began shooting at dozens of people attending the birthday-graduation party outside an apartment complex in the city of Charleston, police said in a statement.

The woman, who was attending the party, drew a pistol and fired, killing Butler, the statement said. No one at the party was injured. "Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night," Chief of Detectives Tony Hazelett told news outlets Thursday.

Butler was at the apartment complex earlier in the evening in a vehicle and had been warned to slow down because children were playing, police said. They said he left, but returned later, parked in front of the complex and began firing.

After fatally shooting Butler, the woman waited along with several witnesses for police to arrive, and all have cooperated with the investigation, authorities said. Hazelett said no charges would be filed against the woman.

If such a thing as balanced reporting were to be ever realized then just maybe people could better appreciate the "guns save lives' expression, instead of which guns are only vilified and attempts made to try and further deprive lawful folks of their rights. We see yet again how mass murders highlight the need for armed personnel in learning establishments, churches etc - in order to enable the possibility of a fast response to an armed attacker and actually save lives.


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