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Our thanks to BAEN Publishers and the authors for their most generous book donations -- do bid freely with just mere $1 increments, and help JPFO. Ends Noon 8/18/12.

We again have 1 offer of 4 individual hard cover books by Michael Williamson, consisting of "Rogue", "Contact with Chaos", "When diplomacy Fails" and "Do Unto Others" all are new and are autographed with date consisting of date, month, and year. The auction page for this four book combo is here.

Michael Z. Williamson is a prolific science fiction and military fiction author. Born in Birkenhead, England, he and his family emigrated to Canada, then the United States in 1978. Williamson frequently utilizes the pen names "Mad Mike", and "Crazy Einar". He is retired from the United States Air Force. He has written numerous works and is also the Editor at Large of, a blog on disaster preparedness topics. In his free time Williamson also sells, restores and crafts swords and other edged weapons. He is married and has two children.

Rogue - #6 in the "Freehold Universe" series. In a war-torn interplanetary future, a tactical forces specialist transformed into a sociopathic killing machine – and the only one who can stop him is his former commander.

Contact with Chaos - When an exploration ship from Freehold discovered a planet with intelligent lifeforms — the first humans had ever encountered — it should have been the most important event in history. And it might be — for all the wrong reasons.

When diplomacy Fails - #7 in the "Freehold Universe series". Science fiction high adventure with a compulsive thriller edge. High tech near-future mercenaries Ripple Creek Security must protect an obnoxious world government minister from the tons of enemies who want her dead — and killed in the worse possible way.

Do Unto Others - Science fiction high adventure with a compulsive thriller edge. The inheritor of a family planetary mining dynasty defends her family and the fortune they carved from a wasteland against lawless invaders who would take everything they've worked for in a nasty attack.


Once more we offer 2 individual books compromised in a hard cover titled "Hard Magic" and " WarBound" books are new and autographed (they represent books I & III of the "Grimnoir Chronicles". The auction page for this two book combo is here.

Larry Correia is the award winning, New York Times bestselling author of the "Monster Hunter International" Series, the "Grimnoir Chronicles", and the "Dead Six thrillers". He is also a firearms instructor and accountant as well as having been part owner of a gun store. He continues writing and is working on a tenth novel.

"Warbound" - Gritty urban fantasy set in an alternate noir 1930s. A tough P.I. battles an interdimensional monster that wants to suck magic power out of the world and in the process destroy it. Sequel to "Hard Magic" and "Spellbound". Book Three in the "Grimnoir Chronicles".)

"Hard Magic" - #1 in the hard-hitting "Grimnoir Chronicles" by the New York Times best-selling creator of "Monster Hunter International". Jake Sullivan is hardboiled private eye at war with evil magical powers in a dark and gritty urban fantasy that's a cross between the The Maltese Falcon and Twilight.


A further offer of a single book compromised of 3 novels in a hard cover titled "The Monster Hunters". The book is new and autographed, and the auction page for this book is here.

"The Monster Hunters" - THREE novels in the New York Times best-selling series in one volume – the first three entries in Larry Correia's Monster Hunter series described as Dirty Harry meets Twilight. Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta and Monster Hunter Alpha in one huge volume!


A further offer of a single book in a hard cover titled "Monster Hunter Legion". The book is new and autographed, and the auction page for this book is here.

"Monster Hunter Legion" - is book #4 in the New York Times Best Selling Monster Hunter series. A conference in Vegas becomes a showdown between Owen Pitt and the staff of Monster Hunter International with an ancient god, one that could turn Sin City into a literal hell on earth. Monster Hunter International might be the premier monster eradication company in the business, but they've got competition.


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