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By Chuck Klein, JPFO Life Member. August 21st, 2014

"We are NOT a nation of laws - we are a nation of constitutions. Laws, statutes, court decrees, presidential edicts are subservient to constitutions."

"Rights are only such when they don't infringe upon the rights of others. One's right to swing his fist ends where the other person's nose begins. Of course, if one keeps his fist concealed in his pocket he is violating no one's rights. On the same token, for example, if a law-abiding citizen goes about his legal business with a firearm concealed in his pocket he is no more infringing the rights of any other person than the theater-goer who keeps the word "fire" concealed in his mouth."

"The resentment and contempt we gun owners have toward the anti-gunners is not that they are exercising their 1st Amendment right to redress our government - it's the outrage that they work to infringe our 2nd Amendment right via laws and court orders rather than seeking to amend the Constitution."

"The second to last thing a morally responsible, prudent person wants to do is kill another human being regardless of how reprehensible, villainous or dangerous that person might be. The last thing this morally responsible, prudent person wants to do is be killed by that reprehensible, villainous and dangerous person."

"All the rules, statutes, restraining orders, 911 calls, hand to hand combat technics, aerosol spray Mace or other pseudo protective measures will never equal the effectiveness of a firearm when faced with an unwarranted and deadly criminal attack."

"If you're ever in a situation where another person is about to murder you, at that moment, you'd trade all your worldly possessions for a firearm. And, if that threat was to kill your child or your grandchild, you'd sell your soul for a gun."

"If you believe that psychological tough talk will enable you to bluff your way out of a dangerous situation, you might be wrong...dead wrong. Super-predators - losers with nothing to lose - can't be bluffed."

"There's lots worse things than being killed by some thug - one is: watching a family member die at the hands of this thug because you were a fool for not carrying a gun."

"If all the guns in the world could somehow be magically removed; the weak, frail and vulnerable would have no way of protecting themselves from the thugs with bats, clubs and knives."

"All Americans have the inherent and constitutional right to be free of fear from armed citizens. However, this right does not extend to usurping or disparaging other American's inalienable 2nd and 9th Amendment rights to be free of fear from thugs intent on doing them harm." "Proper training is the key to surviving attacks - lethal as well as litigious."

Chuck Klein is a Life Member of JPFO, an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor in 5 disciplines, an Active Member of IALEFI and author of INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING, Defensive Handgunning for Police, GUNS IN THE WORKPLACE and many other books, columns and articles. He may be reached through his web site:

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