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As seen in USA Today™ column, Page Nine No. 137. See below showing the First Responder Report (click to enlarge) - links to content follow.

From Alan Korwin (The Uninvited Ombudsman), July 9th, 2014
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WXYZ-TV-7, Detroit, Mich.
Black Mom with Assault Weapon Stops Attack, Saves Children

Note how both the reporter and especially the police spokesperson credit the police with stopping crime, when they had absolutely nothing to do with preventing this assault! Even the victim is mired in a statist mindset, almost unaware that police responded after she alone saved her kids and herself. It would be hysterical if it weren't so tragic. Note the terrible gun-handling technique on the part of the officials in the video.

KHOU-TV-11, Houston, Texas
Black Bystander with Gun Saves Mother, Helps Capture Assailants

It's just too rare to see black-man-with-a-gun stories like this one, where the black man isn't the suspect or the dead person, but is the hero. I love the part where he stops off for candy for his kids before leaving to go home! The media all too often falsely portray gun incidents as traumatizing life-changing events you cannot recover from, a completely distorted view that advances an anti-rights agenda. According to John Lott, black people benefit from Stand Your Ground laws more often than white people do, in part due to the greater number of crimes committed against them.

KTVI-TV-2, Richwoods, Mo.
Robber Picks Wrong Store, Brings Knife to a Gun Fight

Not only do they have wildly pro-gun-rights signs (with bullet holes!) in their windows by the door, they have a $100,000 gun display locked behind glass in the back of their shop. The old duffer who talks about how everyone knows you don't rob that place is just too much. The alleged perp's neck tattoos are a nice touch (but he got too much face time on air if you ask me). Of course the police know this guy.

KSAZ-TV-10, Phoenix, Ariz.
Woman Alive Thanks to Sidearm; Calls 911, then Shoots Attacker

It's nice to see and hear a police spokesperson acknowledge, live on the scene (well after an incident has taken place of course) that, by the time an assailant has attempted entry through all three of your doors, and has broken in, and has physically assaulted you, that you're probably in the right to shoot the person to protect yourself. Arizona statutes provide robust legal protection for this sort of thing, guarding the innocent against dangerous violent criminals, as all states should. Not all states do.

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