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December 19, 2000

JPFO Performance Report

Dear JPFO Members & Supporters:

As the Year 2000 closes, it is time to look back at how much we have accomplished at JPFO -- with your help. JPFO is not a huge organization, and that is all the more reason to be proud what we've been able to do. Only JPFO has done these things to directly advance the cause of liberty and to protect the right to keep and bear arms:

* Successfully urged citizens to declare and celebrate Bill of Rights Day, providing videos and materials to make it work in localities large and small. Official proclamations, including state and local governments, have been issued in 25 states -- to protect All of the Bill of Rights for All Citizens. Also, JPFO published translations of the Bill of Rights in Spanish, French and German, with more languages coming, so that all nations can learn about our precious heritage.

* Developed the historical and logical connection between gun registration, gun confiscation and genocide -- a connection now practically common knowledge among people working in the RKBA movement.

* Expanded the award-winning JPFO website to offer more features and more resources for educating Americans and defending our Bill of Rights. Thousands of times each week, people access to get the latest features, download a document, or search the archives. The JPFO e-mail Alert system delivers news and views to thousands of subscribers instantly. Based on e-mail feedback, JPFO is delivering the freedom message to an international audience -- and they are using the strategies and materials, too!

* Published and distributed easy-reading comic style Gran'pa Jack booklets -- over 700,000 in print -- covering 6 topics (more are coming):

* Distributed The Mitzvah, a quick-reading novel about the freedom philosophy in the hearts and minds of Jews and non- Jews. No other action book so frankly lays out the lines of the battle of ideas!

* Distributed the book, Dial 911 and Die, and promoted it nationwide on dozens of local and national radio talk shows. Dial 911 and Die shows beyond doubt that the federal, state and local governments in America basically owe no legal duty to prevent crime or to protect individual citizens from criminal attack. This fact destroys the gun prohibitionist view that "you don't need a gun because the police will protect you."

* Commissioned Dr. Sarah Thompson's path-breaking psychiatric analysis of the "anti-gun" mentality. Dr. Thompson showed what makes many "anti-gun" people so fear and loathe firearms owners, and how best to communicate with these people ... and maybe convert some to the truth!

* Penned monthly columns printed in The Shotgun News, the publication with a huge circulation among firearms owners and users. Regular JPFO articles broadcast the hard- hitting, consistent pro-liberty and pro-self defense message to readers who might not get this straight talk any other way.

* Promoted innovative multimedia outreach efforts: an eye- catching (some say shocking) billboard campaign, a targeted press-release system for high profile national exposure, two new music compact discs (one anti-gun control rap, one homegrown American patriotic), the Brasco the Bear coloring book, and startling new posters bringing home a message viewers can never forget.

* Continued the campaign by Rabbi Mermelstein, through his essays and "Ask the Rabbi" internet service, to communicate the harmony among Judaism, liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms. Rabbi Mermelstein's column helps people understand why so many Jews support "gun control" and what we in the freedom movement can do about it.

* On a holiday note, Rabbi Mermelstein has powerfully shown that Chanukah is not an annual excuse for a party, but is the celebration of an heroic military triumph of good over evil. The Jewish Maccabees could only have driven out their oppressors by force of arms. It's a lesson for all nations.

* Spread the word about the new organization, Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States (CCOPS). CCOPS is not a tax-exempt entity, so it can research, expose, and work against police state policies appearing in legislation.

Nobody else does what JPFO does.

JPFO, America's aggressive civil rights organization, continuously develops and expands to serve one purpose: to preserve the fundamental rights of humankind as embodied in the U.S. Bill of Rights -- and that includes the right to keep and bear arms. JPFO never compromises on the fundamentals, and never shrinks from telling the truth ... even when the truth is unpopular.

Of course, some people don't like JPFO. Some oppose JPFO because they want to destroy private gun ownership, or because JPFO takes positions that make them uncomfortable. Some people attack JPFO for doing the job too forcefully.

Not content merely to repeat the same ideas and methods, JPFO often moves forward on the cutting edge. Some people just don't adapt quickly, some are uncertain about new things. When JPFO began, the gun control -- genocide connection was practically unheard of. Now, it's common knowledge. Similarly, the linkage between the 1938 Nazi Weapons Law and the U.S. Gun Control Act of 1968 was previously unknown but is now well-known. So many of the new insights and educational tools that JPFO has developed struck some people as "strange", "impossible" or "unworkable" at first, but now have proved popular and powerful. Still, some people find it hard to accept new ideas and uncomfortable truths.

When the critics speak, ask yourself: What is their motivation? What is their reward?

JPFO's performance record is clear and open for all to see. Nobody does what JPFO does.

And JPFO could not do it ... without you. As the Year 2000 closes, the Liberty Crew at JPFO sincerely thanks you for your support. We look forward to partnering with you in the years to come. Our job will not be getting any easier, so stand with us, won't you?

Aaron Zelman, Executive Director
and The Liberty Crew at JPFO

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