Gun Confiscation Masquerading
as "Gun Buy Backs"

By Roger Katz, November 9, 2019

So called gun buybacks fall into two categories. (you can not buy back something you never owned)

One category utilized by various Cities in the past is "gun buybacks" as voluntary programs that antigun politicians draw out of the closet every now and again merely as a political stunt. These buybacks are directed, of course, not to the psychopathic killer, common criminal, or to those few individuals who suffer from psychoses that truly represent a danger both to themselves and others. No! These gun buybacks are directed to the average, law-abiding, responsible gun owner. But, not surprisingly, gun owners who take part in these programs do not surrender expensive firearms, but, rather, old, probably inoperable firearms.

Even the liberal weblog, Trace, admits that the truly voluntary gun "buybacks" don't work to lower crime rates, as criminals don't take part in these programs. Why should they? And, those individuals who do surrender firearms to police authorities for a few bucks aren't people who misuse firearms anyway. So, then, what seemingly plausible basis is there for these buyback programs?

The implicit, but false, assumption, is that by reducing the number of guns in the public domain, especially, semiautomatic firearms, that will, ipso facto, reduce "gun" violence. Yet, that idea, on its face, is ridiculous, and not simply due to the volume of firearms in the public domain, if that is a sound factor for accounting for "gun violence" anyway because, again, the people who take part in the program are not those who commit crimes with guns--or with any other implement for that matter. .....

"The running theme is that you, the citizenry cannot be trusted; that all people are potentially a danger both to themselves and to others, and that society as a whole is safer and more secure if firearms are removed from the homes."


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