Use What We Have Going
for Us in 2A Defense

By Harold Hutchison. November 28, 2019

While the First Amendment is the first line of defense for our Second Amendment rights, this defense must be effective. One of the ways to ensure the effectiveness is to keep the fight on as favorable terms as possible - and that requires an honest assessment of what Second Amendment supporters have going for us.

One of the first things we have going for us is the historical record. The opinion by the late Antonin Scalia in District of Colombia vs. Heller lays it out very well. It is a lengthy read, though. The NRA also has extensive information on the history behind the Second Amendment as well. This is one area where anti-Second Amendment extremists have very few arguments. Even claims that the damage posed by modern firearms is severe enough to permit their banning will fall short thanks to a 2016 ruling by the Supreme Court.

That 2016 ruling, Caetano v. Massachusetts, is a total of 12 pages, most of which is a concurring opinion from Justices Alito and Thomas. .....


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