'Gun Control' in Florida Costs Lives

Parkland High School- Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

By Rob Morse. December 6, 2019
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The media floods us with horrible images of murder but doesn’t show us the thousands of examples of armed defense. We can’t make good choices unless we know the whole truth about gun ownership and 'gun-control'. When we look at both sides, then we see that disarming honest citizens in Florida will cost more lives than it could possibly save.

Florida was once called “the gunshine state”. It earned that nickname back in 1987 when it became a “shall issue” state. That reversed a century of 'gun-control' laws where local officials denied gun ownership to racial and political minorities. Our 'gun-control laws' always made it illegal for criminals to have guns, but since criminals don’t obey the law, these 'gun-control' laws only disarmed law abiding citizens who ask the government for permission. The regulations passed two decades ago in Florida meant that local officials “shall issue” firearms permits unless the applicant has a criminal record. There are legendary stories among Florida law enforcement about the falling rate of sexual assault once women could again carry a concealed firearm.

That was twenty years ago, and a lot has changed since then. Florida now has a number of 'gun-control' laws and some politicians want to pass many more. Do these laws save lives or cost lives? Does the question of life-and-death matter as long as the proposed legislation earns the politicians a few minutes in front of the news cameras and brings in campaign donations? We have to dig past the headlines to find out. .....


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