"Preventing Gun Violence" is not
a Compelling Governmental Interest

By Dean Weingarten. December 8, 2019
Article Source

In a recent column, well known Reason editor and writer Jacob Sullum makes a likely unintentional error. He writes that "preventing gun violence" is a compelling government interest. From townhall.com:

Restrictions on fundamental rights usually pass muster only if they are narrowly tailored to further a compelling government interest -- in this case, preventing gun violence.

"Gun violence" is an Orwellian phrase that compels the user to focus on guns rather than on illegitimate actions.

"Preventing gun violence" is not a compelling government interest.

Preventing murder, can be a compelling government interest, though, in our federal system of limited governmental powers, it should primarily be an interest of the States, not the federal government. .....

"The choice, preference and discretion of those who want a disarmed population, are all aimed at disarming the rest of society, precisely what the Second Amendment is designed to prevent."


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