The Jewish Community
That Couldn't Fight Back

AP Photo/Seth Wenig

By Cam Edwards. December 15, 2019

As we learn more details about the attack in Jersey City that claimed the life of a longtime police officer and two civilians, it's becoming clear that not only did New Jersey's draconian gun control laws fail to prevent the attack from taking place, but the same laws ignored by criminals made it impossible for the Jewish community targeted by the two killers to defend themselves.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy tried to use the anniversary of the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary and the attack in Jersey City to call for more federal gun control laws, claiming that's what's really needed to prevent these types of targeted attacks.

Like other gun control activists, Murphy ignores the fact that violent crime is actually dropping nationwide, while the number of privately owned firearms and concealed carry holders have reached record highs. It wasn't the nation's gun laws that failed in Jersey City. It was New Jersey's. .....

"Self-defense is a human right, but that right is denied to residents of New Jersey thanks to its gun laws that treat the Second Amendment as a privilege to be granted to a few lucky souls. We know that the killers in Jersey City didn't care that they were violating the state's gun laws."


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