PA - Anything Can Now
be Defined as a Gun

By Carl Bussjaeger. December 17, 2019

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro has issued a legal opinion that reportedly rules "80%" receivers and frames are now considered to be firearms.

Oh, no. As usual, it is much worse than that.

Any attempt to regulate something has to define that item…just so you'll know what it is that's being regulated. AG Shapiro has unilaterally defined "firearm" to take un-finished receivers and frames into account.

He began by looking at the current definition in Pennsylvania state law and found that it includes non-operational firearms that "may readily be restored." But he was disappointed to discover no state case law defining what "may readily be restored" actually means. .....

Here is another example of law-making being taken to an extreme, using broad definitions to achieve a 'catch-all'.
"'Converted' is turning one thing into another thing. That's not the same thing at all. Shapiro, however, is a government lawyer so semantics are whatever he wants them to be."


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