The 2A Sanctuary Movement is Using The
Left's Playbook, and They Can't Stand It

By Cam Edwards. December 21, 2019

'Gun control' activists in politicians are doing everything they can to try to tamp down the Second Amendment Sanctuaries spreading like wildfire across the state of Virginia. On Friday morning, the Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action called on law enforcement groups to denounce the more than 100 counties, cities, and towns in the state that have declared (in varying fashion) their opposition to any new 'gun control' laws coming out of Richmond.

Everytown's Managing Director of Litigation and National Enforcement Policy, Eric Tirschwell, told Virginia television station WHSV that the movement is dangerous.

"If these folks actually follow through on what at this point is really just a threat to not enforce laws, that's where I think the real danger will reveal itself," he said.

Tirschwell argues the resolutions are problematic for a number of reasons; most importantly, he says, because they put lives at risk.

"These resolutions could have, and threaten to have, a chilling effect on people who might otherwise use, or take advantage of gun safety laws to try to prevent harm, like a suicide, a homicide or even a mass shooting," he said.

What's really amusing about Tirschwell's argument is that in his position at Everytown for Gun Safety, he's helping to provide legal support to cities around the country that are passing local 'gun control' ordinances in violation of state firearms preemption laws. From Pittsburgh to Coral Gables to Missoula, Montana, Tirschwell has been working to defend cities that face court challenges after ignoring state law. Everytown for Gun Safety is all in favor of localities having more control over their gun laws, but only if it means more 'gun control' laws. .....

"Ralph Northam, Mark Herring, anti-gun legislators, and gun control activists are making a devastating mistake by underestimating the resolve of Virginia's gun owners and many of their elected officials to stand in defense of the free exercise of a constitutionally protected right."


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