VA Governor's Anti-2A
Sanctuary Position Backfires

A Second Amendment fight in Virginia slowly reaching a boil

By James Fite. December 18, 2019

The people of Virginia are engaged in a war with their state government to save the Second Amendment - and if the governor takes one Democrat lawmaker's suggestion, that reference to a war could become reality rather than hyperbole.

In the last election, Virginia Democrats won majorities in both houses of the state legislature. Governor Ralph Northam wasted no time in announcing his intent to refile eight already failed 'gun control' bills in the hopes that, with his party now holding the coveted power trifecta, he will be signing them into law soon. In defiance of this clear anti-gun movement in the state government, towns and municipalities across Virginia are being declared Second Amendment sanctuaries.

But the state isn't backing down.

The Tyranny of the Majority

If successful, Northam's new laws will forbid any firearms sale, private or otherwise, without the successful completion of a background check. It will ban certain dangerous weapons - though safe weapons, whatever those are, would presumably be exempt. Since this includes a so-called assault weapons ban, one can assume that anything that looks like an AR-15 or AK-47 is a dangerous weapon, and anything that looks like a traditional hunting rifle is not dangerous. And, of course, no more than one firearm may be bought by any person in a 30-day period.

He would also add extreme-risk protective orders, allowing the courts and police to confiscate a person's weapons without even a criminal charge, never mind conviction. That isn't all these bills would do, and one might rightly assume that once these eight become law, more would follow. .....

"The irony is that the Democrats don't seem to see that their "common sense" measures, from restricting who is allowed to have what guns to threatening to send in troops to overcome towns and cities that refuse to comply with those laws, are precisely the reason for the Second Amendment."


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